Thursday, April 22, 2010

Dave Telep gives high praise, calls 2010 VCU class 'talk of the league'

In an article from the Commonwealth Times (a VCU student-run paper), columnist Adam Stern interviews National Recruiting Director Dave Telep. Telep has very high praise for Shaka Smart's first recruiting class and even goes as far as to say that 'it's going to wind up being the talk of the league.' “VCU’s primary concern (going into this year’s recruiting) was getting some bodies for their front court and I don’t know if it could have worked out any better for them. Long, rangy guys that fit in with the style they play, it’s perfect.”

Here is the article in its entirety (very good read):

CT: Basketball Recruiting Class 'Talk of The League'- Adam Stern

Here is a sample of Telep's thoughts on Juvonte if you don't believe me (he also discusses DJ Haley and Rob Brandenberg).

Juvonte Reddic: “They snatched a couple guys, man, I actually thought they were wasting their time with Reddic. I thought he was going to wind up going higher, so for them to pop Reddic was a big deal.”

Needless to say, Telep is highly impressed with VCU's 2010 class. There is much for Ram fans to be excited about. The best part? He didn't even mention the guy he rates the highest and headlines the class in Reco McCarter. The future looks bright ladies and gentlemen.

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