Thursday, June 10, 2010

Larry Sanders NBA Draft Mania Continued...

There is a lot of press on Larry Sanders (and subsequent exposure for VCU) as he is right in the middle of workouts for NBA teams. Here's's Video Profile on Larry Sanders for the NBA Draft:

Larry has been all over the continent doing workouts for various NBA teams (Indiana Pacers, Miami Heat, Toronto Raptors, and New Jersey Nets among others) and most recently worked out for the Jazz yesterday. He made the homepage along with Georgia Tech's Gani Lawal and Kentucky's Patrick Patterson.

After the workout the Salt Lake City media conducted a video interview with Larry that was posted on

While Larry has been slated anywhere from 13 to 28 in the first round, his workout in Toronto on June 3rd seems to have boosted his stock. RaptorsHQ called him the standout of the day:

On the other hand,the stand-out player to me yesterday was Larry Sanders. Many don't know about this kid but like Hickson a few years back, I wouldn't be surprised to see him creep up draft boards and have an immediate impact in the league. He's even longer than I remembered, was all over the court in drills, rebounding the ball, dunking put-backs, and is starting to show a solid face-up game as well, something we touch on in my interview with him below. He's raw, but I'd argue more polished than Udoh or Orton, and has more upside actually than Aldrich. He's also one of the funniest and most personable prospects I've ever spoken to over the years, and you can see that in the following interview:

Click on the link to read a pretty lengthy and informative interview that Larry did with RaptorsHQ. He is scheduled to do approximately 13 NBA workouts total leading up to June 24th including one's on the 16th with the Memphis Grizzlies and the 22nd with the Atlanta Hawks.

The Toronto media also did a 4:40 minute video interview with Sanders after the workout in which he carried himself well and seems to have made a good impression on the Raptors staff:

Following the workout the Detroit Free Press wrote up an article on Sanders improving his draft stock and the possibility of the Pistons trading down to get him:

But while the focus is on sure-fire lottery picks Derrick Favors, DeMarcus Cousins, Ed Davis, Ekpe Udoh and Cole Aldrich, Dumars said on the night of the draft lottery that the Pistons would have to be mindful of fast-rising prospects -- for the pick and for the possibility of trading down.

One such prospect could be VCU's Larry Sanders.

In a workout with the Raptors last week while matched against Udoh, Aldrich and Daniel Orton, Sanders did far more than hold his own.

Projected to be a power forward, his length should enable him to guard all three frontcourt positions.

With all the buzz and media, VCU is getting a lot of great exposure to a large market of viewers that may not even follow college basketball all that much. It's nice to see Larry doing well and this is not being lost on the recruiting targets the Rams are pursuing. Hopefully Larry and Eric are the first of several VCU players to go to the NBA in the coming seasons ahead.

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