Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Fab Five Indeed! Rivals gives 3-stars to every member of the 2010 recruiting class!

Many had noted on the VCURamNation boards that Darrell Haley had not been reflected as committed to the Rams on Rivals and had no stars, while Veal and Brandenberg's profiles reflected having committed to VCU but were similarly unranked. Well Jerry Meyers updated their profiles and ALL of the 2010 class are 3-star recruits. That's right folks Rob Brandenberg, Reco McCarter, Toby Veal, Darrell Haley, and Juvonte Reddic are all Rivals 3-star recruits! This only serves to reinforce the fact that Coach Shaka Smart is a stud on the recruiting trail. The future is bright indeed!

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