Thursday, May 6, 2010

More Video Highlights of Juvonte Reddic from GymRatInsider

I came across some more footage of Juvonte Reddic online. These video clips include a game against St. Mark's and former VCU prospect and Iowa commit Melsahn Basabe. Juvonte's Quality Education Academy team came out on top in double overtime. Juvonte Reddic put in 12 points in this game. There is also a second game against Mack Academy where Juvonte shows some nice inside game. Since this is an 11 minute video clip, I will give you the times at which Juvonte's plays are shown (he is #32):

2:28- 15 ft jumper

3:26- Reddic blocks Basabe's layup attempt

3:35- Reddic posts up Basabe and gets the turnaround short jumper to go

3:59- turn around jumper in the post

7:57-8:15- a nice sequence where Juvonte is surrounded by 3 Mack Academy players, goes up and is blocked, but gathers himself and dunks the ball with authority surrounded by blue shirts, a turn around hook from the low block, capped off by a nice two-hand slam

8:25- takes the ball to the basket and finishes with a lay-up.

8:34- backs his man down and lays it in

They also have a top 10 plays of the week, and Juvonte's dunk surrounded by 3 Mack Academy players was the #4 play.

Juvonte shows nice bounce and athletiism as well as the ability to take the ball inside or knockdown the 15-foot jump shot. He should be a good addition to the frontcourt for VCU.

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