Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Former Ram Target Davante Gardner commits to Marquette

Davante Gardner is a 6'8 senior out of King's Fork in the 757 (the same school where Jaquon Parker hails from, if you remember he committed to ODU before reneging on his commitment to play at Cincinnati). Gardner is following in Parker's footsteps and heading to the Big East to play for another former C-USA member in Marquette. There was definite recruiting interest from VCU this past season and Gardner was seen at VCU games at the Stu this past season as well. The big man was named 1st-team All-Tidewater as well as 1st-team All State at the end of the season. It is unknown exactly how serious Gardner was about VCU and vice versa, but VCU had already filled out all the spots for the 2010 class well in advance of Gardner's decision.

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